Honor of the Belated Rose

Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir

Version: 12th Night, LII (2018)

At the Crown's command the herald will call forth the Order of the Rose and the Valorous Estate:

Let the Order of the Rose, joined by the Valorous Estate, come before Their Majesties.

When they have gathered, their SPOKESPERSON shall address Their Majesties.

Your Majesties, the Order of the Rose the Valorous Estate
wish to honor one of your subjects by granting the Honor of the Belated Rose.
Have we Your permission to do so?
You do.

The SPOKESPERSON will then ask the HERALD to call the selected individual forward.

, Their Majesties invite you to attend Them.

When they have arrived, the SPOKESPERSON may recount the particular virtues which have brought the candidate to their attention.

For continuing exemplary honor, chivalry, and courtesy,
has gained the notice
of the Order of the Rose and the Valorous Estate .
Whereas we concur that they rightly deserve recognition,
we are minded to grant them the Honor of the Belated Rose.

And the assembled will present the recipient with the token that has been prepared. The Crown will congratulate the recipients, and the assembled and the recipient shall return to their places, as the herald exhorts the cheers of the populace.